Only 2 Rupees in 24hrs internet, know where and how ?

War on the Internet is being promoted on the Internet for mobile phones. Datapack is constantly getting cheaper since Geo's arrival. Now lets talk about the company given cheap data to geo.
Bengaluru's startup WiFi compartment is giving cheaper data than Reliance Geo. This Company is about one year old. The company believes that the internet is very costly in india today. The company says that even after the launch of Geo, there is a high value for data in India and currently there is a chance of data cheaper. We want to make it cheaper...

The company is providing data for only 2 rupees for 24 hrs. 100 MB of data is provided at 2 rupees. This is the cheapest wifi plan. This is also a 10 paise plan which provided 500 MB of data and 1GB  for 20 Rupees. Both of these packs also come with 24 hrs of validity. if you talk Geo, you get 0.15 GB of data with unlimited voice calls at 19 rupees and the validity of this pack is also one day. You can use this data in your smartphone...

This Data pack is available at local tea shops and bakeries in Bengaluru. Currently the company is offering its services only in Bengaluru, The Wifi canned token is also visible, as the mobile-coated coupon comes. This is to scratch and to insert the code. The company's pays will open and there is a login ID and  password to

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